Mylette associates

Mylette associates

We are our network

Part of our networking strategy is to connect experienced and profiled professionals to the financial industry. These professionals represent a value that complements Mylette and have a preference for working independently.

Connecting with these professionals creates a larger body of specific knowledge and individual networks that allows both the professional and Mylette to increase his/her relevance to the market. In doing so, we share our internal investments in knowledge and research on the consequences of regulations, changing commercial models and product development.

Mylette offers Associates:
  • The opportunity to share knowledge via the knowledge portal for Associates
  • Participation in meetings about current themes in the financial sector
  • The possibility to exploit commercial opportunities together, whereby Mylette supports the Associate with additional continuity, contract structure and resourcing
  • Facilities such as reception areas and communication with professionals
  • Opening up of our network in support services, administration and insurance for better procurement of these services compared to individual procurement

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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