Journey to the cloud

Journey to the cloud

Realizing cloud ambitions

Using an in-house infrastructure for your software applications is becoming increasingly costly. Due to increasing security requirements and the rise of professional cloud providers, more and more financial institutions are choosing to migrate their applications to the cloud.

Working in a private (digital) environment is familiar, but the limits of local data centers are a limitation. Resources are expensive to acquire, scaling is complex, and software vendors are moving away from local environments.

The move to the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) has thus begun, but does not happen overnight. Mylette has the expertise and a proven approach to help organizations realize their cloud ambitions. In the cloud, data is stored securely, maintenance is provided and computing power can be used efficiently. Migrating to the cloud is a one-time effort. However, after migration the new situation requires a different way of working. Many financial institutions do not (yet) have the expertise for this.

What can Mylette do for you?

Mylette has developed an approach that helps you make the transition to the cloud. This means that we ensure that the switch is made and that the organization is ready to work in the new way.

Specifically, we support with:

  • Setting up the project organization
  • Stakeholder management: bridging the gap between business and IT
  • Communication (creating support)
  • Guiding the choice of cloud provider
  • Develop the migration strategy
  • Choosing the required IT specialists
  • Design the required new processes
  • Transferring knowledge to your employees so that your own organization can continue with it

Are you considering switching to the cloud?

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