Solution to Investment Processing  (STIP)

For you as an asset manager, broker or private bank employee, STIP is a very suitable application that serves as a trading platform. With STIP, you independently administer the complete processing of securities orders and related money transactions. Your own orders and positions or those of your clients can be recorded in the application. With the appointed custodian, an omnibus account will suffice, making administration simple and you, the user, fully in control.

STIP is a multi-currency system for recording, administering and processing securities orders in shares, bonds and investment funds. Money movements and corporate actions are naturally recorded. It also supports the reconciliation of transactions and positions. As a core banking platform, interfacing with custodians, portfolio management systems and reporting, among others, is an important element of the application and is widely facilitated.

Mylette Investment Products (MIP) and STIP

Mylette Investment Products is the supplier of the application STIP. One of its advantages is that MIP has an ISO 27001 certification. The certification gives you the assurance that we are serious about information security, including STIP of course.


  • Full processing of securities orders
  • Cash movement processing
  • Processing corporate actions
  • Reconciliation of funds, transactions and positions
  • Reporting: client, regulatory and management
  • Certified IT support
  • SaaS solution
  • Flexible in terms of interfacing
  • Own input via the user group
  • Proven technology
  • ISO 27001 certified

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