Pricing Engine Implementation

Pricing Engine Implementation

A specialised Dutch bank has selected a pricing application for its complex funding portfolio.

Mylette provides a unique combination of project management, technical implementation and interfacing.

We also contribute to data analysis and structuring including automated support for an accounting verification process.

Management Training

Management Training

A Dutch bank approached Mylette for a knowledge programme for its staff and middle management of the investment department. With this objective, Mylette presented a programme proposal in three weeks, using its academic network and experience in organising academies.

The training is rolled out to international offices in a next stage.

Mylette offers

Mylette is a service provider to the financial industry offering consulting, services and solutions. Our experienced consultants add value to our clients through transitions or knowledge-intensive tasks.

We have the experience and knowledge to relate changes to strategy or to business models and are thus able to act as a true partner to our clients.

Our services are not limited to traditional consulting; for us partnering is also realising solutions and offering support in maintenance, management, resourcing and expertise from our network.

Mylette works for: