Bank Data Retrieval Connector (BDRC)

Every bank in the Netherlands issuing IBAN numbers is required by law to connect to the Bank Data Retrieval Portal (in Dutch = Verwijzingsportaal Bankgegevens) as of 1st January 2020. This connection had to be ready before the 9th of December 2019.

Mylette has built a generic solution called the Bank Data Retrieval Connector (BDRC) for data access between the bank and the Bank Data Retrieval Portal.

The BDRC takes care of the daily processing of the data and access through the API with which the Ministry of Justice and Security retrieves the customer and product data. This is where the customer data is checked and all changes are tracked with history (up to 5 years). By means of a 'role separated' dashboard, it is possible to shield IT-related processes from compliance-related functions. In this way, no information about customers and requests can be viewed by 'unauthorized persons' and the IT department can manage the daily processing and status of the API.

About the Bank Data Retrieval Portal

The Bank Data Referral Portal is a digital facility for automated provision of certain bank data. These data are supplied to the Dutch Investigation Services and the Tax Authorities. Legally authorized officials of the aforementioned services can directly request information via the portal: a so-called requisition or query. Banks are legally obliged to comply with these requests.

Mylette will be an active participant in the continuation of the Banking Data Referral Portal. We participate in the development of the requirements that are planned for the next versions of the Ministry of Justice and Security in the years to come.

Mylette’s Bank Data Retrieval Connector v2.0 released!

The Ministry of Justice and Security has announced a new version of the interface specification and it must be in production at all banks by 10th September 2020. The new requirements such as the additions of the 'Ultimate Beneficiary Owner' and the additional 'Health Check Endpoint' have been implemented in Mylette's Bank Data Retrieval Connector software.

After completing several testing processes and quality checks, the latest version of the Bank Data Retrieval Connector was made available on the 17th of April 2021.

Mylette’s Bank Data Retrieval Connector v3.0 released!

On June 30, 2022, Mylette rolled-out its latest version (v3.0) to allow its customers to connect to the Bank Data Referral Portal of the Ministry of Justice and Security. Financial institutions must be compliant with the new functionality of v1.2 BDRP before January 1, 2023.

By assisting customers with their acceptance testing, the majority of our customers have been accepted to go into production months before the deadline.

We have implemented the significant change in the ‘request/reply' model of the Ministry of Justice and Security with minimal impact for our customers. This is one of our major advantages for our BDRC users: technical changes are absorbed by the application, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Mylette has also simplified the rollout for customers with this new version. By using container technology, a number of configuration issues in the infrastructure are eliminated for the customer, so that an upgrade can be implemented faster and simplified.

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