Treasury & Risk

Treasury and risk management are probably among the fastest changing disciplines in the financial industry over the last years. On a normal pace, risk management needs to embed new products and develop insights around types of risks that the organization is (potentially) exposed to in the course of its business.

When however new regulations are piling up, products are redefined (also as a result of new regulatory visions) and new parties enter key processes - it is difficult to keep up with the required changes let alone understand the commercial opportunities that arise.

Mylette is expertly positioned to assist treasury and risk management capabilities, partly because we have a thorough understanding of the "Umwelt", and because we understand the specifics of purpose, processes, products and systems with the domain.

Our Treasury services consist of quick scans to indentify the weak spots within your processes, identify and implement your treasury and risk policies, treasury accounting and cash management.

To support your processes we have in-depth knowledge of several treasury applications. Vendor - and application selection and implementation of the choosen solution by well experienced project managers and implementation consultants.