Tax Reclaims

In the many bilateral tax treaties between countries, dividend tax rates are stipulated, consisting of a source tax rate and a reclaim right for investors eligle under the tax treaty between the country of his or her residence and the country from where the dividend is paid out.

Dividend tax reclaim is a laborious and expensive duty, when organized on a small scale. Many investors abandon their rights on tax refunds as a result of complex and lengthy procedures. Mylette's tax reclaim services is attracting growing interest from institutional investors, private banks and trading houses.

Since 2008 we are supporting tax reclaims, creating value for end-customers at comprehensible costs, including:

  • Producing tax reclaim forms and routing these forms to the various (worldwide) tax authorities. We operate independently from custodians;
  • Administration. Clients can outsource their whole tax reclaim administration to Mylette;
  • Tax consultancy services. We carry out second opinions on outstanding tax reclaims, identify new or forgotten tax reclaims and help customers on QI. With respect to QI we assist clients on obtaining the licenses and help them with their reporting duties;
  • Process management. Our experts help clients in setting up their own tax reclaim operations and review current operations of the clients;
  • Workshops. The workshops on tax reclaim provide both theoretical knowledge on the relevant tax treaties, as well as operational knowledge on the process of tax reclaim. We also provide workshops on QI and FATCA.
  • You will be able to find more information about the reclaiming process and our service at our dedicated Tax Reclaim Website: You will also find our Calculationtool at this website, which enables you to calculate the amount of reclaimable tax on dividends, as well as the possibility to register with one of our colleagues.