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What is expected from a business solution is changing all the time, not the least in the financial industry which is by nature at the forefront of information technology. While a good few years ago a project was designed around the development process, nowadays functional effectiveness and total cost of ownership are key drivers for IT decision makers and - projects.

Mylette's technology proposition aims to direct resources and budget to what matters most. Focusing on transaction processing, market data and pricing requirements we deliver tailor-made business applications and services based on software engines that have production-proven generic qualities.

Deployment of our software engines means a reduction of 75 % coding effort and leverage of production tested technology in tailor-made solutions. The remaining 25 % of coding covers client specific calculations and processes, turning requirements in the scope of our functional focus around quickly into lasting business solutions.

Lasting technology that we support as product through versions of server-, browser-, database - and other leading technology. We combined this with short support lines overlooked by application development, resulting in cost efficient solutions that truly support your mission.