Solution Support

Support and adaptability are key to the lasting effectiveness of a business solution. "No innovation without fullfilment" is a phrase that forms integral part of of our Solutions' vision and mission since our team first deployed Java in a business environment in 1999. Solid support revolves around simple and transparent processes based on a thorough knowledge of what the capabilities and the potential of the deployed software are.

Mylette supports its solutions through versions of industry standards:

  • Server technology, operating systems;
  • Databases & interfacing technology;
  • Browser & Portal versions;
  • Vendors data feed handlers and FIX versions
  • Preferred users interfaces such as mobile, tablets and other portals than Enterprise Portals.

As our software engines develop, we bring new functions - and technical updates to all our clients from which they can pick and choose. Combined with our ability to also provide functional support and technical support that is specific to a single installation of our technology - we aim to provide near care-free solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient over the life of the application.

The result is an average life of our solutions that exceeds 10 years, well above average in browser-based client facing systems.

Insourced Support

Within our functional focus of market data, pricing and deal capture we insource support functions. After a technical due diligence Mylette provides for a status report and support potential.

Both insourced - and solutions' support obviously benefit from the fact that they are embedded in an organization that thrives on understanding what banking, trading and investment management are about.