Retail Banking

While commercial banking and trading are facing an ever increasing amount of regulation, retail banks face fierce competition from cost-efficient niche players such as online brokers and internet savings offerings along with a down-turn in mortgage business.

Opportunities and challenges come from account number portabilibity, and being exposed to how safe an individual bank is perceived to be by the public. The challenge is to communicate and provide the unique ability to be a one-stop-shop for financial retail affairs at competitive rates for single products and with the convenience of operating all of this from a single bank account.

So cost of services, quality of services and distribution models are the key themes in retail banking along with changes in how retail customers are going to organize their wealth between spending, short-term saving and a pension.

Mylette can help implement changes with a vision. We have longstanding reputation in the field of retail asset management - and banking and mortgages. The knowledge of the consultants is focused on operational aspects and processes. Mylette has in-depth knowledge on the so called "beleggingsgiro" systems.