One of today's themes in retail banking is credit control on mortgages. The ability to monitor collections and payment behavior of clients in the portfolio is eminent, though not standard functionality in leading mortgage back office functions.

Mylette delivers an interface between mortgage management systems and a leading collections and debtor management system: OnGuard. OnGuard extends collections management and - control functions without having to reorganize any of the core back office processes. The Mylette interface ensures a cost-efficient, stable and proven solution with a low threshold.

Two of the leading independent mortgage services providers in The Netherlands have implemented our solution and are able to manage collections on mortgage payments without significant changes to their original systems and processes. HypoCasso is one of of Mylette's customers addressing the increased importance of receivables management in the mortgage industry.

The OnGuard interface can be deployed in a variety of process - and business models - agnostic to whether or not the mortgage portfolio is serviced internally or in an outsourced model. The initial - and flexibility of the recurrent costs allow feasibility for portfolio's from 10 mio EUR.