Financial Logistics

Payments and cash management services are at the heart of financial services. Key drivers are cost of operations, control and the level of service to customers. The level of services is not only defined by accessibility and functionality around payments and bank accounts. The level to which these are integrated in financial products and risk management services offered by banks is key as well.

While high profile rules and regulations address transaction processing, exposure reporting and capital definitions - in the area of payments there are substantial developments as well. SEPA is very much in progress and new legislation is on its way, leveraging the unified Euro payments infrastructure. Intraday liquididity management is another topic that will draw on resources as it unfolds.

Mylette has in depth knowledge of the payments processes with both retail and wholesale clients. On high design level we have business and IT architects available who can advise clients on their future financial logistics infrastucture. On tactical, technical and operational level we have the skills when it comes to selecting and implementing the appropiate software.