Company facts

Mylette is a provider of consulting, solutions and services to the financial industry. The roots of our management and senior consultants are within the financial services industry, initially focused on securities processes and by natural growth expanded to a full spectrum of expertise and capabilities.

We believe our premier strength is to add value and partnership to clients by means of knowledge and the pro-active way we approach change. In over 10 years we have serviced almost every single sizeable Dutch financial institution with our staffing and consulting. Over the last years, services and solutions have made us a full-concept partner for our clients.

Management controls a vast majority of the shares in Mylette Groep. We rank amongst the mid-sized consultancy companies in the Netherlands. Mylette has no financial ties with (other) software vendors or with parties that may reduce our independence in the area of business we are working in.


Key to the ability to brings the right service to the right place on the right time, is network. Many expert consultants work independently and we believe in bringing those together more than pushing inhouse resources with questionable fits with the task at hand.

Our Associate Program is designed to strengthen that promise and create a gateway for independent expertise for our clients.