Software Engines

A strong and proven product set forms the basis for our solutions that we can deploy to support effective financial services. It allows us to bring virtually every priceable product to clients in a full-support, multi-channel approach:

Functional Overview Engines

These engines have been developed and tested in over 10 years in production while kept in-sync with todays technology and communication channels.

Essentially we can extend your front office capabilities to your clients, agents and sales channels. Our solutions support full STP while staying in contact and control over the automatic pricing through live configurable manual intervention and - transaction flow.


All core technology is developed in Java and Java related tools. The applications are delivered with an embedded application server and run on any Linux, Unix or Windows OS. For the collaboration between the Engines and the portlets, windows or (mobile) sites, a framework based on AJAX and Comet was developed enabling streaming data that is compatible with Enterprise Portal Technology.

As a result of architecture and technology, our core engines are endlessly scalable over multiple machines and services can be provided to large groups over users / concurrent users. Open source plug-ins are used for dynamic charts and table definitions and portal functionality.