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The amount of data available to make decisions is almost infinite, driven by technologies such as big data. The challenge for managers and executives is to turn data into information and information into insight and oversight. Dashboards are designed to do just that and can improve your decision-making in quality and speed.

Provided they are well-designed.

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Mylette helps decision-makers in the financial industry to speed up data collection and transformation processes to feed reports and dashboards.

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"For more than a year Bpf Bouw (the Pensionfund for the Dutch construction branche) is a very satisfied user of the risk dashboard developed by Mylette Dashboard Solution. With the use of this dashboard we are able to professionally map our operational risks.

The dashboard provides us a clear insight in the risks as well as in the related measurements regarding the mitigation of the risks. Therefore both the board members as well as the employees of Bpf Bouw have a very accurate and up-to-date overview of all risks involved”.

Jobert Koomans – board of directors - oversees risk management
Jacco Keizer – operational risk manager - bestuursbureau bpfBOUW

Well-designed means, aside from technically sound, that decision-making experience needs to drive the functional design. For pensionfunds in the Netherlands we are partners with IPFOS, a long standing advisor to the NL pensionfund industry. IPFOS brings oversight and experience to understand what an executive in that field needs to see. The functional data model that results from that is now the center of Mylette's technical design. We help:

  • Automatically collect source data from markets, custodians, regulators;
  • Transform and store data into the dashboard model;
  • Show data in secured dasboards available on desktops and mobile devices, hosted if required;

The result is control, overview and insight for pensionfund executives and stakeholders.

For Dutch natives we have more information available on the Dutch section of our site.

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Robert Jessurum Lobo
Senior Consultant
+ 31 (0) 652 688 907

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MDS | Mylette Dashboard Solutions

Under the label MDS | Mylette Dashboard Solutions, IPFOS and Mylette offer solutions for pension funds.

Consultancy and advisory services form integral part of MDS brings to its customers.