Associates Program

As part of our network strategy, Mylette maintains a network of individual professionals in the financial industry. These professionals have additional value and skills to complement our own, but typically do not want to be tied to an organization.

Eligible Professionals

Professionals eligible to join the Associates Program are experienced consultants with a focus on the financial industry. They have their own commercial network and have a preference to work independently in their specialization. With their skill sets they are of added value and they can make themselves available providing input to jointly create commercial opportunities and expert value for clients.


Mylette's offerings to the Associates Program:

  • Sharing of knowledge, participation in quarterly meetings around prevalent topics in the financial industry;
  • Creating joined commercial opportunities where Mylette is backing up the individual consultant with organizational substance, continuity and contract infrastructure;
  • Sharing of facilities, reception space and communication with professionals;
  • Opening up our network of facilities in accounting and insurance services to create a better procurement position for the professional.